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5,452Annexation Bill of 1866The Annexation Bill of 1866 was a bill introduced on July 2, 1866, but never passed in the United States House of Representatives. It called for the annexation of British North America and the admission of its provinces as states and territories in the Union. The bill was sent to committee but never came back, was never voted upon, and did not become law. The bill never came to the United States Senate...Lead_Article08-02-2021
4,442We Cannot Let Fear Be Used To Erode Our FreedomThroughout history, the playbook of those who sought to take away the freedom of individuals and transform it into their own centralized power has been to use fear to ‘justify’ their actions, hoping to keep people desperate and off balance until it is too late.Lead_Article02-02-2021
4,429WAGNER: The Toronto book that predicted the rise of Western independence, 50 years ago“It is remarkable that this book – The Prairie Provinces: Alienation and Anger – written by a team from a Toronto newspaper and published in Toronto in 1969, got so much right.”Lead_Article26-01-2021
4,425Canada checks all 5 boxes for a forthcoming debt crisis.In their study of 800 years of debt crises, Harvard profs Rogoff & Reinhart identify 5 predictors of them:
1. “Slowing output”
2. “Asset price inflation”
3. “Sustained debt build-ups”
4. “Rising household leverage”
5. “Large current account deficits”
Canada checks all 5 boxes.
3,412Populist PressNews stories.Lead_Article09-01-2021
3,409Wiki Leaks File Index Lead_Article08-01-2021
3,389What Are The Benefits To Alberta Becoming an American State?That said, if we as a province were unable to negotiate these terms to our satisfaction, seeking American Statehood would be my preferred option were we to hold a successful referendum for independence.Lead_Article24-12-2020
3,388Towards Canada’s 2030 Agenda National StrategyComment: Note that not only in Canada's implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda, but in the UN agenda, itself and other supporting docs, very little if anything is stated on freedoms and individual rights. Conversely, many 2030 UN supporting docs state outright that individual freedoms and rights have limitations and require restrictions set by the UN and member states' govts, if the 2030 agenda is to succeed.Lead_Article21-12-2020
3,360Brief History of How 2 Major Industries Were Developed in AlbertaThis is a brief history of how 2 major industries were developed in Alberta. I bet everyone will be shocked... Lead_Article06-12-2020
3,358Make Alberta American?From one perspective, it would be a no-brainer: Alberta’s entrance as the 51st state would consolidate U.S. power and prosperity on the North American continent, while better positioning the United States to compete for access and dominance in the Arctic.Lead_Article23-11-2019