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3,391What is The US Constitution? FAQ26-12-2020
3,392What is the US Declaration of Independence? FAQ26-12-2020
3,393What is the US Bill of Rights? FAQ26-12-2020
3,394What are the US Articles of Confederation? FAQ26-12-2020
1,335Would an independent Alberta have access to Canadian or USA ports?...the law makes such rights subject to the agreements to be made by landlocked and transit states...FAQ03-11-2020
1,314Alberta USA Trade?Did you know that in 2019 the USA was Alberta's #1 trade partner? FAQ24-10-2020
302What about the national debt?Parti51 of Quebec answers, "What about the national debt?"FAQ17-10-2020
310What is Alberta Statehood Creed?Who are we?FAQ17-10-2020
289Who is Alberta's largest trading partner?In 2018, Alberta exported $102.32B worth of goods to United States, making it the 1st ranked country in terms of Alberta's exports...FAQ12-10-2020
291How badly would Alberta’s secession to the US destabilize the rest of CanadaQuestion for the group: How badly would Alberta’s secession to the US destabilize the rest of Canada and what impact would a fractured Canada have on the US? I’m asking if you think it is in America’s best interest to have a disunited Canada as their neighbour as opposed to the one they have now?FAQ12-10-2020