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5,511Kenney now facing large caucus revolt over third COVID lockdown“I’ve always welcomed a wide-ranging debate on how best to rise to the challenge of this pandemic. I just ask that the debate be informed by facts. Alberta is a diverse province, and that includes diversity of opinion.”

Comment: The facts are finally coming out after being ignored by politicians and the MSM. Masks, distancing, lock downs do nothing except to inflict other health issues. The real science started creeping out as early as last April, 2020. This is and has been a sham. All about power and money.
News Print08-04-2021
5,510Canada No Longer Feels Like A Free CountryThe direction of events is moving closer and closer to authoritarianism, with freedom increasingly being abandoned.News Print07-04-2021
5,509Carson Jerema: Why Canada is rigged against Alberta — and any province that isn't Ontario or Quebec News Print07-04-2021
5,508Why Vaccine Passports Go Against Everything Canada Is Supposed To Stand ForBecoming a ‘show me your papers’ society would be antithetical to the idea of freedom and privacy we claim to value in this country.News Print06-04-2021
5,507Alberta doctors calling on province to implement 'circuit breaker' lockdownPoll: Print06-04-2021
5,505NDP to debate phasing out Canada’s Armed Forces at policy conventionComment: Good luck with that! By the way, NDP, if you plan to return to earth, we are the third planet from the sun.News Print03-04-2021
5,504MODRY: An open letter to Kenney on his COVID-19 response to me“Conventional thinking, Premier, is not always correct.”News Print01-04-2021
5,503Taxpayers on the hook for MPs raises of up to $6,400 on ThursdayLegislation passed to depoliticize parliamentary pay in 2005 makes it so that salaries paid to MPs and senators increase automatically on April 1 of each year.News Print30-03-2021
5,502Emergency group challenges Kenney, Hinshaw to debate over COVID restrictionsThe group has asked for the debate to take place before April 5.News Print30-03-2021
5,501'Hasn't been able to spread:' Still no flu cases recorded in Alberta this seasonAs Alberta nears the end of March, the province still has not recorded a single lab-confirmed case of influenza.News Print28-03-2021