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5,646Hundreds protest COVID-19 mandates at ‘freedom rally’ in Edmonton Saturday News Print18-09-2021
5,645Approximately 1,500 attend Calgary rally against vaccine mandatesThe group is planning to host protests outside hospitals across Canada Monday, including at Foothills Medical Centre in CalgaryNews Print18-09-2021
5,644FERNANDO: The Closing Argument Against TrudeauThe Closing Argument Against Trudeau: Will Canada Stand Up To China, Or Not?

Unique among the party leaders, Trudeau is surrounded by questions of why he seems to be so submissive towards the Communist State.

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition
News Print18-09-2021
5,642Pyne’s $90 billion French subs scrapped in favour of nuclearThe US, UK and Australia form 'AUKUS' to share strategic and nuclear information as tensions rise in the Pacific.

Five Eyes has become three with Canada and New Zealand left out of a new trilateral partnership to deal with strategic challenges in the Pacific region.

The glaring exclusion of the two nations was probably done due to their integration with Chinese technology, something which has been a point of national security contention in the past.
News Print16-09-2021
5,639UCP member urges Alberta Premier Jason Kenney to admit he mishandled COVID-19 response, take actionComment: Here we go again! Wake up Albertans!News Print15-09-2021
5,637JCCF blasts Elections Canada rules on maskless voting“Every Canadian has the right to vote, guaranteed by section 3 of the Charter,” said staff lawyer Marty Moore.News Print15-09-2021
5,636BC Tribunal rules maskless shoppers not protected by human rights lawsThe Tribunal said people who claim a right to forego COVID-19 masks must have a valid medical reason.News Print15-09-2021
5,635Alberta hospitalization risk rates equal amongst vaccinated & unvaccinatedDespite the unvaccinated having a significantly higher number of cases, the risk of ending up in a hospital is nearly equal amongst the two groups.News Print15-09-2021
5,634NEWS: Inflation hits 18-year highStatsCan said the cost of gas was up by 32% compared to last year, shelter was up 4.8%, transportation 8.7% and food 2.7%News Print15-09-2021
5,631As England Abandons Vaccine Passports, Trudeau Doubles-Down On Demonizing & Dividing CanadiansLeaders must end these draconian restrictions, and instead let every individual make decisions based on our own comfort with risk.News Print13-09-2021