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5,552Excuses excuses... News Video13-05-2021
5,550Jason Kenney throws Alberta into a brutal lockdown. But why are Walmart and the NHL exempt?Last night Jason Kenney announced the harshest lockdown yet for Alberta. He’s banning pretty much all social interaction, both inside and outside, shutting down countless businesses and he’s doubling his enforcement.

But why is he doing that?
News Video10-05-2021
5,549Is Bill C-10 going to regulate content published on internet? | Andrew Lawton joins Ezra LevantCanada has a regulatory body called the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission which regulates TV stations and radio stations. News Video10-05-2021
5,536The Liberals are coming to censor the internet in CanadaCOMMENT: LOL! Like him or not, a good watch by Ezra of Rebel News.News Video25-04-2021
5,529Policeman Derek Chauvin was convicted of murder for the death of George Floyd. What does that mean? News Video21-04-2021
5,525Americanuck Radio - Guest: Benjamin Eble News Video16-04-2021
5,524Crown and Anchor Pub in Alberta suffers violence during struggle to stay openThe Crown and Anchor Pub is a meeting place for local veterans. The North Edmonton bar serves as something of a community centre for people looking to get out of the house, have a pint, tell some stories and have a little bit of human interaction.

Unfortunately, the Crown and Anchor has ended up in the middle of two warring factions of the pandemic lockdown: the “pro locker-downers” and the “open everything up, or else” tribes.
News Video16-04-2021
5,515Government troops occupy a church in Alberta. Where’s the outcry — even from other churches?It’s been a day now. And the Alberta government has solidified its physical occupation of the GraceLife Church outside Edmonton...News Video09-04-2021
5,500LILLEY UNLEASHED: Why did Trudeau strike $375M deals with China for PPE? News Video26-03-2021
5,499What the Supreme Court's carbon tax ruling means for premiers who opposed it | At Issue News Video26-03-2021