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6Should Alberta secede from Canada and become the 51st the Union | Quick Dick McDickVCP Shorts
News Video04-09-2020
182 Dave Bjorkman was live. Wexit Canada, WIPA, AIP, Wexit Alberta, Western Groups, AB51st, Alberta First, Alberta To The Point, Buffalo & Tribune & Western MLAs/MPs.

Words of Wisdom
News Video14-09-2020
190Wexit Canada Party slams O'Toole's support of Paris climate targetsThe interim leader of the separatist Wexit Canada Party criticized Erin O’Toole’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement saying the new Conservative Party leader is speaking more to central Canada than the West.News Video14-09-2020
191Alberta USA Foundation LivePeter Downing News Video14-09-2020
198Wexit Canada Party slams O'Toole's support of Paris climate targets News Video14-09-2020
207Jason Kenney Corruption & Unelectability 2023DAVE BJORKMANNews Video16-09-2020
225"The west wants out": Separatist sentiments growing in AlbertaWexit Alberta founder Peter Downing says his movement is 'very serious' after over 100,000 energy jobs were lost in his province.News Video22-09-2020
229Should the US and Canada Become One Country?Best Selling Author of Merger of the Century, and Journalist Diane Francis provides her perspective on why Canada and the United States should become one countryNews Video22-09-2020
231Western alienation: the divide between Alberta, Saskatchewan and the rest of CanadaA sense of alienation from the rest of Canada has been building in Alberta and Saskatchewan and hit its peak during the 2019 federal election. In this Global News special, we look at the rise of the movement, the issues at the centre of the debate, the players involved, and the way forward. News Video22-09-2020
233Frustration fuels separatist sentiment in Alberta, SaskatchewanRecent Ipsos polling shows that since the federal election, separatist sentiment has increased in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Eric Sorensen reports. News Video22-09-2020