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5Separatist Leader Now Wants Alberta to Join the USAs the Western Canadian separatist movement Wexit has appointed a former Conservative as leader, its founder is pushing for Alberta to become the 51st state of the U.S.

By Mack Lamoureux
News Print04-09-2020
8Alberta. The 51st state?A new poll suggests our neighbours are open to buying the resource rich province, as an MLA releases his manifesto for separation, and the rest of Canada watches on.News Print04-09-2020
9Forget Greenland — Trump should offer statehood to these Canadian provincesPresident Trump's offer to purchase Greenland from Denmark was front-page news in August, but a better option for expanding the country's geographic footprint would be to offer statehood to the Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as well as the interior of British Columbia.News Print04-09-2020
10Alberta as the 51st State isn’t a crazy as you might thinkIn the U.S., Alberta would likely be a coveted swing-state, like Florida and Ohio – with both major parties falling over themselves for electoral support.
By Tessa Littlejohn
News Print04-09-2020
13Buy Alberta? Prepare for a civil war? What Americans think in the age of Trump.A new poll of U.S. attitudes points to some surprising views about the border and America's own troubled place in the world

By Aaron Hutchins
June 18, 2020
News Print05-09-2020
54Opinion: The West Wants Out of the FederationDon't get me wrong. In certain respects, I like Erin O'Toole, but I remain ever skeptical of his 'true blue' Tory values, largely in part due to his platform. It failed to mention concerns of representation in Western Canada, ...

Ambrose Ralph
News Print08-09-2020
55"51 REASONS ALBERTA SHOULD BECOME A U. S. STATE" The Great State of Alberta?

There is a rising tide of support for Alberta to exit the raw deal it entered in 1905 called Confederation and apply for statehood with the U.S. Congress. This wave is being amplified by the growing contrast that Albertans feel between a Liberal Ottawa government that has alienated them and the inspiring call to freedom and prosperity initiated by our American brothers and sisters.

Here are 51 reasons why Albertans would enjoy better lives as citizens of a U.S. state...

News Print10-09-2020
147OTTAWA SUNCandice Malcolm shocked me. As the train-wreck Alberta economy implodes, I had been...News Print10-09-2020