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5,538Pensions and benefitsFrom government of Canada website:

United States - Pensions and benefits
5,489What are false claims made by separatists for total independence?In order to gain credibility, and in order to make sure that separatist leaders are not simply using the good intentions of separatists as a stepping stone to "get into power", I have tried to identify what appear to be false narratives that have been put out by separatist leaders and groups, especially with regard to the US.FAQ16-03-2021
5,487So what about healthcare? Consider these facts about American healthcare...FAQ14-03-2021
5,484Why would 50% plus 1 count for the British but not us, Quebec sovereigntists ask?Comment: Why is this important to Albertans? Legally, we are in same boat. The Alberta Statehood Party are also driving for 50%+1. We plan to introduce a binding referendum within 120 days of taking the Alberta Legislature. With 50%+1, using International Law, not the Canadian Clarity Act, we then plan the process of secession from Canada. Once seceded, another binding referendum, requiring the same minimum results to seek statehood in the US will be held.FAQ10-03-2021
5,479What is the history of the Alberta separatist movement?Alberta separatism (French: SÚparatisme albertain) comprises a series of 20th and 21st century movements (both historic and current) advocating the secession of the province of Alberta from Canada, either by forming an independent nation or by creating a new union with one or more of Canada's western provinces. The main issues driving separatist sentiment have focused primarily on the perceived power disparity relative to Ottawa and other provinces, historical grievances with the federal government dating back to the unrealized Province of Buffalo, a sense of distinctiveness with regards to Alberta’s unique cultural and political identity, and Canadian fiscal policy, particularly as it pertains to the energy industry.FAQ06-03-2021
5,451STATEHOOD 101STATEHOOD 101 Newcomers to this cause ask common questions; here is a list of them with accompanying answers... FAQ08-02-2021
4,441Does your vote count? The Electoral College explained - Christina GreerYou vote, but then what? Discover how your individual vote contributes to the popular vote and your state's electoral vote in different ways--and see how votes are counted on both state and national levels.FAQ02-02-2021
3,404How do new states become part of the U.S.?Puerto Rico would need to go through the same process as Alaska and Hawaii. The same applies to Alberta seeking statehood...FAQ03-01-2021
3,398Why wasn’t the Bill of Rights originally in the US Constitution? FAQ29-12-2020