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5,527Diane Francis: Canada's biggest mistake was not building a cross-country oil pipeline — and the Line 5 standoff proves itResurrect Energy East and the calamitous possibility of stopping the flow of more than 500,000 barrels a day would never happen againNews Print16-04-2021
5,526Alberta NDP would likely form majority if election held today, new poll suggests News Print16-04-2021
5,523Canada Is Not A Serious Country News Print16-04-2021
5,522Alberta surgeon to Jason Kenney: Advice on a balanced approach to COVID-19Dr. Dennis Modry wants the government to know there is another way to deal with the pandemic. The problem is, he can't get the government to return his calls!...News Print15-04-2021
5,521ANDERSON: Albertans must stand against Kenney’s third lockdown“Those rights are not just “nice to have” – they are fundamental freedoms that we have been stripped of.” – Rob AndersonNews Print14-04-2021
5,518BREAKING: Rebel News reporters arrested in Montreal, AirBnB raided by policeComment: This is not good. Totally against the freedom of the press. I guess freedom of the press only applies to those networks that take govt handouts and are told what to publish by Trudeau.News Print10-04-2021
5,516Alberta in the eyes of energy investorsWhile Alberta’s energy war room continues its fight against Netflix, it’s a good time to remind Albertans of the real challenge facing the energy industry — and no, it’s not Bigfoot.

Instead, Alberta’s energy sector has a serious investment problem, fuelled by policy-related barriers at both the provincial and federal level.
News Print09-04-2021
5,514EXCLUSIVE: Kenney threatened UCP Caucus with snap election over lockdown revoltThree separate UCP MLAs told the Western Standard on condition of anonymity that Kenney made the threat at a Thursday morning caucus meeting.News Print09-04-2021
5,513BELL: UCP MLAs rise up against Kenney's new COVID restrictions News Print08-04-2021
5,512Norwegian oil company to quit Alberta, focus on offshore activities in Atlantic Canada News Print08-04-2021