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2FAQ?FAQ and their corresponding answers will be listed on this page for ease of access to the reader.FAQ01-09-2020
149How did anti-Americanism grow in Canada? And what are our options as Albertans?To fully understand why there is currently a (quite often very) negative knee-jerk reaction toward Americanism...FAQ08-09-2020
24Is it possible that a referendum for separation and statehood could pass faster in Saskatchewan than in Alberta?Referendum for separation Saskatchewan and Alberta...FAQ10-09-2020
27How much does the average Cdn pay for health care costs$6300 dollars a year per person.FAQ10-09-2020
29Does the USA have a right to bear arms?RIGHT TO BEAR ARMSFAQ10-09-2020
30What is the difference between Cdn Senators and US Senators?DIFFERENCE IN SENATORS...FAQ10-09-2020
36Do Canadians have a right to bear arms?RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS
38Do you think that they will need to create a political party, and hold a referendum?**COMMUNICATION WITH RETIRED HIGH LEVEL FEDERAL EMPLOYEE, FROM WASHINGTON D.C. - UPDATED MAY 21STFAQ10-09-2020
42Differences in oaths, Canada and USA? "oath to the Queen" to the American oath to uphold the Constitution:FAQ10-09-2020
45What is the difference between Canadian and USA Referendum Laws?COMPARING REFERENDUM LAWS

Comparing the province's referendum laws, to referendum laws in the states