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5,523Canada Is Not A Serious Country News Print16-04-2021
5,526Alberta NDP would likely form majority if election held today, new poll suggests News Print16-04-2021
5,527Diane Francis: Canada's biggest mistake was not building a cross-country oil pipeline — and the Line 5 standoff proves itResurrect Energy East and the calamitous possibility of stopping the flow of more than 500,000 barrels a day would never happen againNews Print16-04-2021
5,522Alberta surgeon to Jason Kenney: Advice on a balanced approach to COVID-19Dr. Dennis Modry wants the government to know there is another way to deal with the pandemic. The problem is, he can't get the government to return his calls!...News Print15-04-2021
5,521ANDERSON: Albertans must stand against Kenney’s third lockdown“Those rights are not just “nice to have” – they are fundamental freedoms that we have been stripped of.” – Rob AndersonNews Print14-04-2021
5,518BREAKING: Rebel News reporters arrested in Montreal, AirBnB raided by policeComment: This is not good. Totally against the freedom of the press. I guess freedom of the press only applies to those networks that take govt handouts and are told what to publish by Trudeau.News Print10-04-2021
5,514EXCLUSIVE: Kenney threatened UCP Caucus with snap election over lockdown revoltThree separate UCP MLAs told the Western Standard on condition of anonymity that Kenney made the threat at a Thursday morning caucus meeting.News Print09-04-2021
5,516Alberta in the eyes of energy investorsWhile Alberta’s energy war room continues its fight against Netflix, it’s a good time to remind Albertans of the real challenge facing the energy industry — and no, it’s not Bigfoot.

Instead, Alberta’s energy sector has a serious investment problem, fuelled by policy-related barriers at both the provincial and federal level.
News Print09-04-2021
5,511Kenney now facing large caucus revolt over third COVID lockdown“I’ve always welcomed a wide-ranging debate on how best to rise to the challenge of this pandemic. I just ask that the debate be informed by facts. Alberta is a diverse province, and that includes diversity of opinion.”

Comment: The facts are finally coming out after being ignored by politicians and the MSM. Masks, distancing, lock downs do nothing except to inflict other health issues. The real science started creeping out as early as last April, 2020. This is and has been a sham. All about power and money.
News Print08-04-2021
5,512Norwegian oil company to quit Alberta, focus on offshore activities in Atlantic Canada News Print08-04-2021