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5,524Crown and Anchor Pub in Alberta suffers violence during struggle to stay openThe Crown and Anchor Pub is a meeting place for local veterans. The North Edmonton bar serves as something of a community centre for people looking to get out of the house, have a pint, tell some stories and have a little bit of human interaction.

Unfortunately, the Crown and Anchor has ended up in the middle of two warring factions of the pandemic lockdown: the “pro locker-downers” and the “open everything up, or else” tribes.
News Video16-04-2021
5,525Americanuck Radio - Guest: Benjamin Eble News Video16-04-2021
5,515Government troops occupy a church in Alberta. Where’s the outcry — even from other churches?It’s been a day now. And the Alberta government has solidified its physical occupation of the GraceLife Church outside Edmonton...News Video09-04-2021
5,499What the Supreme Court's carbon tax ruling means for premiers who opposed it | At Issue News Video26-03-2021
5,500LILLEY UNLEASHED: Why did Trudeau strike $375M deals with China for PPE? News Video26-03-2021
5,490Father of trans child JAILED for speaking out against gender transition News Video19-03-2021
5,446Canadians won’t get jobs until Trudeau loses his.Canadians won’t get jobs until Trudeau loses his.News Video06-02-2021
4,439Canadian Guantanamo Justin & Jason's Dictatorship 4K News Video02-02-2021
4,443COVID Coverup: Trudeau gov’t helped China hide origins of COVID-19Read the documents for yourself:​
Keean Bexte reveals some explosive information provided to him by a high-ranking member of the Canadian Armed Forces regarding the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic.
FULL REPORT from Keean Bexte:
News Video02-02-2021
3,419Trudeau's second carbon tax News Video10-01-2021