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5,548Bell: Brian Jean is back and loaded for bearThe temperature is going up on the Alberta political thermometer.

Brian Jean is back and he’s not pulling any punches.
News Print07-05-2021
5,547Alberta’s New Restrictions – Including Ban On OUTDOOR Fitness Classes – Confirms The Political Class Has Zero Capacity For Learning Or Common-SenseThey’ve decided to repeatedly avoid the issue of obesity, and take measures that will make people even less healthy.News Print05-05-2021
5,546Does Anyone Think This Will End Well?The federal government, and the Bank of Canada, seem determined to repeat some of the biggest and most destructive errors in financial & monetary history.News Print05-05-2021
5,545UPDATED: Kenney puts Alberta in hard 3-week lockdownCOMMENT: Take a stroll of a hospital near you. Many are deserted. If you do see a full ICU, the next question, is why our hospitals have so few ICUs?News Print05-05-2021
5,544Kenney says more COVID restrictions coming TuesdayA furious Kenney lashed out at 4,000 people who attended the No More Lockdowns Rodeo saying they don’t care about their fellow citizens and were one of the reasons the further lockdowns would be coming.News Print04-05-2021
5,543Rex Murphy: Liberals' dangerous arrogance didn't begin and won't end with internet-regulation billOnly a PM and a bunch that carry the delusion they are all-wise and ever-right could have conceived Bill C-10News Print04-05-2021
5,542Rex Murphy: We care nothing for free speech — Trudeau plan to regulate the internet is but a symptomThe state does not own the rights of its citizens. It's an inversion of the relationship between citizen and government to think soNews Print01-05-2021
5,541Kenney puts even harsher lockdown rules on province, curfews possibleKenney announced current lockdown measures haven’t been strong enough to bend the curve as a third COVID-19 wave – this time with variants – rolls through the province.

News Print30-04-2021
5,540Two weeks later, Kenney still silent on O’Toole’s carbon tax planOn April 15, Erin O’Toole announced a shocking U-turn in his opposition to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax, announcing he would be campaigning on his own version of the tax in the next election.News Print29-04-2021