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5,604Diane Francis: A country run by amateurs who hire more amateursThe consultant gravy train is well-established in Ottawa. What’s new is the unprecedented scaleNews Print26-07-2021
5,603With Censorship Push, Justin Trudeau & Jagmeet Singh Are Trying To Criminalize Free Expression & Silence OpponentsUnfortunately, many Canadians seem reluctant to comprehend the consequences of this anti-freedom, anti-democratic agenda.News Print23-07-2021
5,602CSIS warns state-sponsored efforts targeting Canada's elections are on the riseCSIS noted that activities are "increasingly observed online, where threat actors have refined their ability to conduct disinformation and foreign interference campaigns."News Print23-07-2021
5,601Let people carry pepper spray for self-defence, Alberta urges federal governmentComment: Concealed carry would be much better.News Print23-07-2021
5,600Mapped: The Top Trading Partner of Every U.S. State News Print22-07-2021
5,599There could be over 3M more people living in Alberta by 2046. Here's what that looks like News Print20-07-2021
5,597OPINION: Trudeau gun grab will be ineffective and very expensiveHere we go again. Ottawa’s budget watchdog is on the trail of another big taxpayer boondoggle in the making with the federal government’s latest gun policy.News Print08-07-2021
5,595Remain Vigilant, The Fight Against Dangerous Legislation Like Bill C-10 (and C-36) Has Only Just BegunDoes anyone really think the Liberals, NDP, and Bloc will simply give up on their effort to restrict freedom and silence their opponents?News Print05-07-2021
5,593'I've never felt so ashamed to be Canadian' -- returning traveler to Pearson hellscape News Print29-06-2021
5,591Response To Bill C-36 Could Make Or Break The Conservative PartyThey have an opportunity to reconsolidate some of the lost conservative vote, and focus the attention of the nation on a true debate over freedom of expression and the limits of government power.News Print25-06-2021