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5,690Canada’s Tough Talk On Ukraine & Russia Is Hollow Given The Moribund State Of Our Armed ForcesHave a look at the Regular Force number of MOC 031, Infantryman, and how many of those positions are vacant. You will find battalions number around the 250 soldier mark, of which about 20% are service support trades . A doctrinal infantry battalion was supposed to be 998 all ranks. All told, the Regular Force Army would be hard pressed to field, reinforce and sustain one trained infantry battalion, beyond a six month deployment. The imbalance is unacceptable. Canada has not lived up to its defence obligations since the first Trudeau prime minister. Does Canada deserve to be recognized as a nation?
News Print23-01-2022
5,68986% of middle-class families face higher federal personal income tax burden  News Print22-01-2022
5,688Unvaccinated Canadian truckers will have to quarantine under new mandate, feds say News Print21-01-2022
5,687FERNANDO: Trudeau Is Desperate To Entrench Expanded Power Before The Fear FadesTrudeau Is Desperate To Entrench Expanded Power Before The Fear Fades

By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition
News Print20-01-2022
5,686Quebec election notebook: It's time to become the 51st state, new party saysU.S. statehood would give Quebec “a stronger dollar, a large and diverse market (and) a real role to play in international decisions.”News Print18-01-2022
5,685Alberta’s longest-serving party leader says Communist message is gaining tractionComment: Yup! Electing a communist party would do wonders in exploding poverty levels. The oligarchs would be rich but the rest of us would have nothing. News Print16-01-2022
5,684Sabotage: With Vaccine Mandates For Truckers, Trudeau Seems Intent On Deliberately Damaging Canada’s EconomyLike many politicians, Justin Trudeau is determined to deepen the sense of pervasive fear and crisis in the population, making it easier for him to grab more power.News Print15-01-2022
5,683RCMP commissioner wants Canadians to report “anti-authority” Internet opinions News Print13-01-2022
5,682Information Commissioner rules Liberals lied about Soros-linked immigration plan News Print10-01-2022
5,680Albertans want clean political sweep — and a large number want a new country to live in News Print04-01-2022