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5,583Americanuck Radio -Guest: Peter DowningRadioNews Video16-06-2021
5,580Surprise, surprise. Big tech censors another video News Video11-06-2021
5,577ABSP New President Address News Video10-06-2021
5,575Only a “minority” care about internet freedom, suggested GuilbeaultHeritage Minister Steven Guilbeault says most Canadians are okay with the federal government moderating their content on the internet claiming only a “minority” are opposed to regulation.

According to Blacklock’s Reporter, Guilbeault made the comments during a House of Commons ethics committee meeting on the Liberal government’s promised legislation meant to tackle online harms like “hateful” content and disinformation.
News Video09-06-2021
5,574Guilbeault presents motion to end debate on C-10Liberal Minister of Canadian Heritage Steven Guilbeault is hoping to cut short debate on his government’s internet regulation bill, C-10.

The minister presented a notice of a motion on Thursday, which would effectively force the committee to abide by a strict time window to pass Bill C-10 “as quickly as possible.”

“It will finally put an end to six weeks of systematic obstruction of the bill by the Conservative Party,” said Guilbeault.
News Video07-06-2021
5,567Canadian Federal Elections Suspended - Meet The DestroyersComment: In other words, no more elections in Canada.News Video28-05-2021
5,558Jason Kenney ejects anyone who dares criticizeLast week, two Members of the legislative assembly, Todd Loewen and Drew Barnes, were ejected from the United Conservative Party caucus in the Alberta legislature.News Video19-05-2021
5,552Excuses excuses... News Video13-05-2021
5,550Jason Kenney throws Alberta into a brutal lockdown. But why are Walmart and the NHL exempt?Last night Jason Kenney announced the harshest lockdown yet for Alberta. He’s banning pretty much all social interaction, both inside and outside, shutting down countless businesses and he’s doubling his enforcement.

But why is he doing that?
News Video10-05-2021
5,549Is Bill C-10 going to regulate content published on internet? | Andrew Lawton joins Ezra LevantCanada has a regulatory body called the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission which regulates TV stations and radio stations. News Video10-05-2021