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5,655Beds, Oh Wherefore Art Thou Beds??? AHS Statistics, and OUTRIGHT FABRICATIONSBeds, Oh Wherefore Art Thou Beds??? AHS Statistics, and OUTRIGHT FABRICATIONS... Live w/David DicksonNews Video05-10-2021
5,650Sam Cooper Exposes Infiltration into Canada by China's Communist Regime News Video28-09-2021
5,648Canada election: Trudeau calls electoral win a "clear mandate" from Canadians | FULL News Video21-09-2021
5,643Antifa crashes Calgary health-care worker vaccine mandate protestAntifa counter-protesters showed up and got physical with demonstrators who were rallying against vaccine mandates for health-care workers in Alberta.News Video16-09-2021
5,633Canadian Election 2021In-depth and ongoing coverage of the 2021 Canadian election.News Video15-09-2021
5,632Constitutional Lawyer Derek From: Coerced Vaccination and Fighting for Your Rights News Video15-09-2021
5,628WATCH: Ontario MPP on the moral, legal and medical implications of COVID vaccinesChatham-Kent-Leamington MPP Rick Nicholls talks about why he refuses to get vaccinated despite it being the reason he was removed from caucus.

Nicholls goes on to state that despite losing his seat in caucus, he knows he is doing the right thing for himself, his family and his fellow Canadians by taking a stand.

He details why mandating these injections is wrong and a step in the wrong direction for medical freedoms.

He says:

At the time of this video recording, all COVID-19 injections available in North America are still experimental and are not fully approved by the FDA. That's why COVID-19 vaccines still remain very controversial. Now I understand your frustration. Some of you are emotionally overwhelmed with fear, many of you understand what's going on but don't have the mental capacity to fight challenges well let me tell you, you're not alone.
News Video09-09-2021
5,627The Rise of Communist China | Politics ExplainedFrom kidnapping to espionage to the origins of COVID-19, what does the rise of Communist China mean for Canada and the world? 🇨🇳

Are they a friend that can be trusted?

Or an adversary with whom we must contend?
News Video09-09-2021
5,617BATRA'S BURNING QUESTIONS: Is a snap election safe during a pandemic? News Video12-08-2021
5,616Gravitas Plus: Does George Soros manipulate the Global Order?A nexus is trying to alter political realities the world over. One name is imprinted on the narrative it’s trying to build. On Gravitas Plus, WION's Palki Sharma Upadhyay brings you the story of George Soros.News Video12-08-2021