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Article TitleOTTAWA SUN
BriefCandice Malcolm shocked me. As the train-wreck Alberta economy implodes, I had been...

"Candice Malcolm shocked me. As the train-wreck Alberta economy implodes, I had been nonchalantly discussing the possibility of The Republic of Alberta. Why? Alberta’s great wealth may be permanently stranded by recent aggressive federal legislation and do-gooder environmentalists in neighbouring B.C. and far-off Quebec. But Alberta cannot stand alone. Unlike separation-prone Quebec, Alberta lacks seaports. But Alberta can join the U.S.A.

Can the U.S., under its job-creating president, resist the temptation to add a huge 51st state with oil reserves comparable to Saudi Arabia? (Without, naturally, the human rights issues Saudi Arabia has.) I am willing to bet several billion barrels of oil that President Trump will have Alberta products flowing to market in no time at world prices using an incredibly efficient mode of transport known as “pipelines”. Remember them?

After a democratic (50 per cent + 1) referendum and orderly transfer of power, Alberta’s diligent population will take its place as the third-largest American state, after Alaska and Texas. The U.S.A. will then replace Canada as the world’s second-largest country."
Media TypeNews Print
SourceOttawa Sun