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Article TitleIs it possible that a referendum for separation and statehood could pass faster in Saskatchewan than in Alberta?
BriefReferendum for separation Saskatchewan and Alberta...
ContentsIs it possible that a referendum for separation and statehood could pass faster in Saskatchewan than in Alberta?

While the majority of the people in this group are Albertan, it should be pointed out that Alberta has roughly four times the population as Saskatchewan. In fact, there are roughly 4.3 million people in Alberta, but only 1.1 in Saskatchewan.

But, in doing the numbers on the members in our group, even though we have throngs of people from Edmonton and Calgary, the actual rate of representation for the big cities is lower than it is for the more rural areas.

In more rural areas, and towns, and smaller cities, the rate of membership is around .05%. But, in Calgary and Edmonton, the rate of membership is .02%.

So, even though we have more people from the two big cities, the actual proportions are smaller.

Also, when the provincial Wexit political parties were being formed, Saskatchewanians completed their signatures needed for registration, before Alberta.

My thoughts are that it might be possible to get a referendum passed faster, and more easily, in Saskatchewan than in Alberta. It would take less work, and less signatures, since the population is only a quarter of Alberta's. Also, people living in rural settings might be more receptive to the message, and to signing.

That being said, I believe what would really help Alberta is a tentative deal on the table with businesses in the US. Alberta has already suffered $200 billion dollars of canceled projects under the government.

So, what would be really helpful is if there is a tentative agreement with businesses in the US to start investing at least $200 billion dollars in Alberta, once a referendum is passed, and statehood is achieved, along with a sane tax regime.

For people who are already suffering economic catastrophe, a deal for prosperity should be a real incentive to support the referendum. And, as a new state with sane tax rules, more businesses than ever would want to start investing.

What would make a more appealing basis for a referendum? "We want to separate, but we have no idea on what we actually want to do?" Or, "we want to separate because we have landed a $200 billion dollar economic package with US businesses, if we become a state?"

Which referendum would have more appeal?

If a referendum is lawfully carried out by a political party, then instead of going to Ottawa's courts, why not go to the World Court, and to the US Congress? Let the world notify Canada of their new reality. If the US closed the door to trade to Canada, the place would be beyond crippled. So, the US might just have the power to make Canada accept the will of the people.
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SourceFB Benjamin Eble