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Article TitleHow much does the average Cdn pay for health care costs
Brief$6300 dollars a year per person.

 $6300 dollars a year per person.

There are some who say that they could never become a US state because they would lose their "free" healthcare.

Well, according to a Canadian publication called "National Post", it is not actually free.

The real cost, according to National Post, is $6300 dollars PER PERSON PER YEAR.

The two main objections are (A) I do not want to lose my "free" healthcare, and (B) what if the Democrats get into power?

The second suggestion is being used as a scare tactic. If you do not want the democrats to get into power, then you cannot hide, you cannot run, you need to go for it, enter in as a state, and vote against liberals at the ballot box.

For every person who has said, "Well, what if the democrats get into power", not one of them has said that in our lifetime WE WILL SEND A PERSON TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT.

See, those people do not want to look at it from a positive angle. If they did, they would have to admit that someone from former western Canada could one day run for office of President. Imagine having a President in the White House who was born and raised in Calgary, or in some other former western province.

"What if the democrats get into power" is a fear tactic designed to paralyze the fearful.


How about Hawaii? Obama was born in the new state of Hawaii, way out there in the South Pacific, just two years after Hawaii became a state. And, he still became President.

The western provinces are far closer to continental US than Hawaii. So, why limit oneself with defeatism?

Anyway, healthcare in Canada appears to be far from free. What will be worse is if the upper echelon doctors head south for better wages.
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SourceNational Post