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Article TitleWhat is the difference between Cdn Senators and US Senators?

**Senators:** I found the following written on the internet, written by Greg Burrell. He explains the difference between Senators in the US, versus Canada. It is important to remember that in each US state, the people are allowed to elect TWO Senators, per state.
**"*The Senate:*

In the United States, members of the Senate are also elected directly by the people they represent. Two senators represent each state and are elected to four-year terms, which are offset by two years so that the people elect one senator every two years. Therefore, each state has equal representation in the Senate. As far as I know there are no term limits on the Senate.

In Canada, senators are not elected but are appointed directly by the Governor General on the advice of the Prime Minister (effectively, senators are appointed by the Prime Minister). There is a constitutional formula for determining how many senators represent each of the geographic regions of Canada, with the idea that each region is equally represented. Senators in Canada are appointed for life, or until mandatory retirement at age 75."**
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