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Article TitleSo what about healthcare?
BriefConsider these facts about American healthcare...
ContentsSo what about healthcare?

Consider these facts about American healthcare...

* America spends more per capita on healthcare ($11,172 in 2018) compared to Canada ($7,068 in 2019).

* Low income Americans are entitled to government-run Medicaid, while Seniors have access to Medicare.

* U.S. federal law requires mandatory healthcare provisions including inpatient and outpatient services, laboratory and X-ray services, home health services and more.

* Most American companies pay 1/2 of the medical insurance costs for their employees, and that because of economies of scale are able to provide comprehensive yet economic plans.

* While governor of Massachusetts Republican Mitt Romney introduced a state run healthcare plan. (However it didn’t last due to cost over-runs and inefficiencies.)

Simply put, healthcare is a state responsibility and we would be able to choose only those options that are most suitable for Albertans.

Consider too that an absence of equalization payments, coupled with robust economic activity will create enormous wealth in Alberta, allowing it to offer bigger pensions and expanded healthcare benefits.
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SourceGeorgina Semeniuk