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5,662Trudeau’s Cabinet Of Incompetent SycophantsA mix of radicalism, naivety, and submission to ‘the leader’ that will further damage our nationNews Print27-10-2021
5,661Alberta's equalization referendum delivers clear message it 'won't be taken advantage of anymore' News Print21-10-2021
5,660Outflow of Albertans should set off alarm bells News Print18-10-2021
5,659Why do White Christians Vote Republican, and Black Christians Vote Democrat?Learn American Politics!Lecture Video15-10-2021
5,658Yesterday’s ‘Conspiracy Theory’ Is Today’s PolicyBoiled frog anyone?News Print13-10-2021
5,657Canada’s Allies May Have To Force Trudeau To Get Tough On ChinaThe US in particular cannot allow Canada – given such close integration of our countries – to become a tool of the Chinese Communist Party.News Print12-10-2021
5,656Rising Energy Costs Show Naïve Virtue Signaling Has A Serious PriceIt’s easy to go along with the trendy viewpoints when it seems like ‘others’ will deal with the cost. Now, that cost is going to hit all of us.News Print07-10-2021
5,655Beds, Oh Wherefore Art Thou Beds??? AHS Statistics, and OUTRIGHT FABRICATIONSBeds, Oh Wherefore Art Thou Beds??? AHS Statistics, and OUTRIGHT FABRICATIONS... Live w/David DicksonNews Video05-10-2021
5,654How Erin O’Toole Has Walked The CPC Into A TrapThe more he doubles-down on shifting the party left, the more support they will lose to the PPC. Yet, if he tries to shift back to the right, his credibility is severely damaged from his previous abandonment of the ‘True Blue’ persona.News Print05-10-2021
5,653Sooner Or Later, Personal Responsibility & Fiscal Discipline Will ReturnNo matter how much politicians or some of the public may want to avoid it, reality cannot be evaded indefinitely.News Print03-10-2021