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221Merger Of The CenturyNo two nations in the world are as integrated, economically and socially, as are the United States and Canada. We share geography, values and the largest unprotected border in the world. Regardless of this close friendship, our two countries are on a slow-motion collision course-with each other and with the rest of the world...

222The Accidental Superpower: The Next Generation of American Preeminence and the Coming Global Disorder In the bestselling tradition of The World Is Flat and The Next 100 Years, THE ACCIDENTAL SUPERPOWER will be a much discussed, contrarian, and eye-opening assessment of American power...Book22-09-2020
1,328Canada and her colonies; or Home rule for Alberta.onlineBook01-11-2020
2,359Annexation, preferential trade, and reciprocity; an outline of the Canadian annexation movement of 1849-50Annexation, preferential trade, and reciprocity; an outline of the Canadian annexation movement of 1849-50, with special reference to the questions of preferential trade and reciprocity by Cephas D. Allin ... and ... George M. JonesBook23-11-2020
4,427Canada and her colonies; or Home rule for Alberta.In 1911, Edmontonian politician Bramely-Moore wrote an entire book about how Dominion made Alberta nothing more than a "colony" through a sham confederation.

Every serious Albertan politician should read the following:
4,436WAGNER: The Toronto book that predicted the rise of Western independence, 50 years ago“It is remarkable that this book – The Prairie Provinces: Alienation and Anger – written by a team from a Toronto newspaper and published in Toronto in 1969, got so much right.”
5,480Proposed annexation of Winnipeg speech of Hon. Zachariah Chandler, 1870 Book07-03-2021
5,532Annexation, preferential trade, and reciprocity; an outlinePRINTED BY
5,551The Cutting Room Files, Part 3: The Future of CanadaCanada is… not a normal place.

Everything from its settlement patterns to its defense strategy to its national politics to its economic structure is wildly different not just from the United States, but from every other country on the globe. Until now that has not had an overly negative impact upon Canadian-American relations, but times are changing (and from the Canadian point of view, not for the better). To really understand recent shifts, we need to start not in Canada, but in Mexico.
5,610Moment of Truth: How to Think About Alberta's FutureAlberta is at a crossroads. Its situation in Canadian confederation is unfair. It is unequal. So...what comes next? What westerners ultimately need to decide if the best response to that unfairness and inequality is to leave Canada and the great northwest to carve out a smaller but separate country. Or do we simply need to clearly define what would constitute a genuine Fair Deal, not just for Alberta, but for all Canadians who share our values and perspectives on what this country should be? Moment of Truth is a series of provocative, thoughtful, and timely essays, curated by three of Canada’s most respected and original political thinkers, debating whether we should pursue the little western path of yet another division of the northwest, this time via secession, or march along the big western path aimed at nothing less than fairness for ourselves - and everyone else - through a re-confederation.Book03-08-2021