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316Secret Banff Meeting of CEOs and the Defense Establishment : Militarization and the Deconstruction of North AmericaNews of this recent corporate/ state/ military elite forum on deeper integration of North America is gradually trickling into the media, and being widely circulated on the internet. I don‚€™t usually tend to believe that our collective future is determined by secret corproate conspiracies, but the fact that this event was completely ignored by the mainstream media is as staggering as the ‚€œambitious‚€Ě agenda and the high-level of political participation (though Rumsfeld was apparently a no show.)Magazine19-09-2009
2,370Why Canada Should Consider Joining The United States Lead_Article24-04-2013
2,362Quebec gets a pass, Alberta gets the shaft (2018)It’s the story of two projects, the proposed air fuel terminal in Montreal East and a liquid natural gas port facility in the Saguenay region. It’s the LNG project, with a proposed 650 kilometre pipeline, that caught my eye.News Print21-03-2018
254What the West Wants!Reaction out of western Canada to last week's election outcome was swift and, at times, fierce. #Wexit trended on Twitter for days, as some outraged voices in Alberta and Saskatchewan saw the Liberal minority win as the final straw, and cause to pursue a separatist exit from Canada. For voters in Ontario, who took some of the wrath, it can be a bit puzzling. To help us understand, The Agenda welcomes a panel of experts on western Canada's relationship with Ottawa.Lecture Video31-10-2019
3,358Make Alberta American?From one perspective, it would be a no-brainer: Alberta’s entrance as the 51st state would consolidate U.S. power and prosperity on the North American continent, while better positioning the United States to compete for access and dominance in the Arctic.Lead_Article23-11-2019
3,357OPINIONLITTLEJOHN: Alberta as the 51st State isn’t a crazy as you might thinkIn the U.S., Alberta would likely be a coveted swing-state, like Florida and Ohio – with both major parties falling over themselves for electoral support.Lead_Article12-02-2020
1HyperLibrary The HyperLibrary on this site will contain articles of importance. These articles, identified as Lead_Article in the Media Type field,† will be listed here on this page. This is for the ease of the reader for quick reference.Lead_Article01-09-2020
2FAQ?FAQ and their corresponding answers will be listed on this page for ease of access to the reader.FAQ01-09-2020
3Political SOPThe Political Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are to assist individuals and ridings in preparation for different types of events, including initiating a WIPA constituency within Alberta.

Further the phases and steps to our goal applying for statehood in the USA will be listed under this Media Type.