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5,672Canada Continues To Waste Our Economic PotentialOn a per capita basis, we should be the wealthiest country on Earth. We’re far from it.News Print03-12-2021
5,671A reminder from an unlikely source. Lecture Video02-12-2021
5,670Authoritarian Politicians Will Seek To Exploit ‘Omicron’ To Keep People In A State Of FearFear makes it easier for politicians to maintain their control over the populace, as scared people are often willing to give up their rights & freedoms.News Print29-11-2021
5,669Canada-US Energy Sector Competitiveness Survey 2021 News Print27-11-2021
5,668‘China Watch’ Propaganda Inserts Are Why More & More People Have Lost Trust In The Establishment MediaIt’s bad enough for much of the media to be reliant upon taxpayer funding. Running veiled propaganda from Communist China takes it to a whole other level.News Print26-11-2021
5,667As Long As Dishonest Governments Continue Moving The Goalposts, Public Anger Will ContinueGovernments continue to infringe upon individual freedom, and show no signs of stopping.News Print25-11-2021
5,666Rex Murphy: Trudeau's 'Glasgow declaration' throws Alberta under his minority busThe prime minister essentially excommunicated Alberta from ConfederationNews Print08-11-2021
5,665The Rest Of Canada Should Be Showing Deep Gratitude To AlbertaThe energy wealth of Alberta has made possible the construction of countless schools, hospitals, roads, and much more across our nation. Why is that being ignored?News Print06-11-2021
5,664Why Is Equalization Still Growing? 2021 UpdateA design flaw in Canadas's equalization program means “have not” provinces will receive $8.9 billion in overpayments by 2025/26!

That's the finding of a new Fraser Institute study out today, which shows that despite a shrinking gap in the incomes of richer and poorer provinces, costs will continue to rise each year.

Equalization spending is projected to reach an estimated $25.1 billion in 2025/26 compared to only $16.2 billion if the flawed rule didn’t exist – an “overpayment” in excess of 50%!
News Print05-11-2021
5,663At COP26, Trudeau Sells Out Canada’s Economy & Risks Our National UnityTrudeau’s plan to cap oil & gas sector emissions will profit foreign energy-producing nations, leave Canadians poorer, and do nothing for the environment.News Print02-11-2021