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Would America want us?

 Alberta owns the third largest oil reserves in the world (166 Billion barrels, compared to America’s 44 Billion barrels), it has a highly educated and hardworking populace, two major metropolitan cities, two major universities, renowned bio-medical research, plus numerous performing arts venues and organizations. We also speak English. Alberta is the jewel of North America, if not the world. Geopolitically, Alberta’s oil reserves coupled with America’s would position it within the range of the Saudis, greatly decreasing Russia and OPEC’s relevancy in the oil industry. We are of geopolitical significance to America.

Joe Bidon is President, now what?

Nothing! Even if the Democrats’ The Squad were in charge, the US Constitution Guarantees the rights, authority to state governess, and clearly defined jurisdictions between federal and states’ governments. In addition to the three levels of the federal government’s checks and balances, there are also the elected states’ governors. They hold considerable governing authority.



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