About Alberta Statehood Party

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"Dear Reader,

This webpage is designed to be a tool, an archive, and a repository of information, to help all of those who are studying the subject of western Canadian secession, and ultimately application for statehood, as part of the United States of America.

While it would seem that this subject should be simple and straightforward, the truth is that the subject actually touches upon an entire array of topics, such as:

  • cultural identity,
  • healthcare,
  • North American history,
  • secession,
  • Clarity Act,
  • referendum laws,
  • right to self determination,
  • international law,
  • Unilaterial Declaration of Independence (UDI),
  • US-Canadian relations,
  • economics,
  • industry,
  • global security,
  • free trade,
  • Canadian debt,
  • Provincial debt,
  • Canadian constitution and confederation,
  • BNA,
  • Charter of Rights,
  • US Constitution,
  • Bill of Rights,
  • British colonialism,
  • currency,
  • immigration,
  • monarchy,
  • provincial history, etc.