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We must ask ourselves, in a world where many are fond of "speed", "efficiency", and the "shortest route from A to B", should one hope to find a simple and easy path to secession?

As much as one may wishfully hope for an "easy" path, the honest answer is a resounding "NO".

Truly, the greatest freedoms and liberties that have ever been attained by mankind came by way of SACRIFICE, and at times even SELF-SACRIFICE. And, from such sacrifices countless generations have been blessed. Today, those who were once "subjects" have now been made citizens! And, those who were once powerless, have now obtained rights!

So, we must not cling to any false hope that the path to secession and statehood will be "easy". Nay! But, we must fortify our minds with the truth.

We must fan the flames, until the fires of victory are kindled and begin to burn brightly within our hearts. And from that fire, the will to win must overcome every festering spirit of defeatism. We must be a light to others, and a beacon of hope.

If we claim to truly believe in the God-given right to SELF DETERMINATION, then we must demonstrate our belief in such a right, by becoming the CATALYST OF CHANGE. The solution will not come from a King, Queen, President, or Prime Minister. Nay! However, if you truly believe in the right to SELF DETERMINATION, then you must accept that you must become the solution to the problem. You must arise to create your own destiny. You must become the CATALYST OF CHANGE, until the change within you begins to change everything around you. Change must begin with you.

The secession movement of western Canada is not new. But, as the world continues to hurtle forwards into the 21st century, the stakes continue to grow higher and higher...

Today, the choices made by Albertans, and western Canadians, regarding their own future, will not only be felt in this generation, but throughout many generations, and even for many centuries to come. The ultimate impact shall be GLOBAL, either for better or for worse, depending upon the choice that is made. The future lies within your hands. Choose wisely!"